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Drain Inlet Sediment Control
Top Guard by ERTEC    Installs Above Ground / Balances Flow & Control
Better For:
  • Installation Speed: Installs above ground. No grates to remove
  • Inspection Speed: Accumulated sediment and debris above ground
  • Maintenance Speed: No grates to remove
  • Removal Speed: No grates to remove
  • Installer Safety: Reduced claims for hand, foot and back injuries
  • Road Safety:  Balances sediment control with minimal flow backup
  • Total Costs: Significantly lower


Curb Inlets without Grates
Curb Inlet Guard

Curb Inlet with Grate
Combo Guard

Grates on Hard Surfaces
GR8 Guard

Field Inlets (Softscape)
Drop Guard

Slot or Trench Drains

Slot Guard™
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