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Commercial Building
ERTEC BMPs will last the duration of your project, lower your project costs, eliminate BMP waste, and contribute to your LEED point count.
S-Fence™ - A better alternative to traditional silt fence for perimeter sediment control
  • Lower Total Cost:  does not blow down in the wind, decay from UV exposure and is less likely to be undermined by stormwater.  Almost no maintenance on a long project.  Reduced installation labor, reduced maintenance labor, reduced removal labor.  Further savings if reused.
  • Performance: Better sediment control
  • Zero Waste: Nothing goes to landfill

S-Fence -  Installed prior to ground disturbance on a school project, panels are overlapped and staked every 7 feet.
Hard Surface Guard™ - a better alternative than watttles or foam filled products to provide perimeter protection on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

Lower Life Cycle Costs (up to 50% savings)
  • Will last duration of project and reusable
  • Compact storage and transportation
Better Performance
  • High sediment retention
  • Little underflow

Hard Surface Guard installed around the site next to the perimeter fence.  Keeps sediment from leaving this multi-year courthouse project for the duration.
ProWattle™ - A better alternative to straw wattles for perimeter protection or for slope protection.
  • Lower Total Costs:  Big Logistics advantage: 10 to 12 times as much footage can fit in the same space as straw wattles.  Reduced Installation Labor: Installs 2.5x faster than straw wattles, Reduced Maintenance Labor: durable and unlikely to collapse or washout during storms, Reduced Removal Labor:  removes 8x faster than fiber rolls.  There are further savings when reused
  • Performance:  Better slope protection, Better sediment control
  • Crew Safety:  Reduced claims from back injuries
  • Zero Waste:  Nothing goes to landfill

ProWattle - installed around the perimeter of a shopping center project in Hawaii.
ERTEC Top Guard™ - Drain Inlet Protection - a better alternative to drain inserts, wattles and other solutions that block flow
  • Lower Total Costs: are significantly lower, because grates do not need to be removed.  Installation speed is 8x faster.  Inspection, cleaning and removal are also done with little labor costs
  • Performance: Better sediment control.  Everything is kept above ground, inspection and cleaning is done more often.
  • Zero Waste: Highly reusable and recyclable
  • Installer Safety:  Because there are no grates to remove, there are reduced claims for hand, foot and back injuries.
  • Road Safety:  ERTEC balances the tradeoff between allowing water to flow off the street and sediment control.  Each of the devices incorporate high-flow bypass.  Periodic cleaning is required to keep the units functional.

Combo Guard

GR8 Guard

Drop Guard™

Curb Inlet Guard

ERTEC Ditch & Channel Protection
- a better alternative to rock check dams, wattles and gravel bags
Ditch Guard™ - very light weight and portable check dam protects from erosion in higher flow applications.
ProWattle™ - configured as a small check-dam for lower flow ditches and swales.
ERTEC Products help generate LEEDv3 points:
  • Materials & Resources (MR Credit 2)
    • Construction Waste Management (50% 1pt, 75% 2 pts)
    • Regional Materials (possible 10% 1pt, 20% 2 pts)
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