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ERTEC's BMPs will cut your cost per lot in half with better sediment control!
Cut BMP Costs in Half:
  • Long Term Durability:  Resistant to crushing and job-site traffic, reformable in-place and can last the entire build-out of the subdivision
  • Faster:  Easier to install and remove
  • Hidden savings:  Effectiveness reduces street sweeping, reduced maintenance costs, reduced inspection costs, reuse on subsequent project
Improve Sediment Control Performance:
  • Long Term Stability: There is almost no decay, wind driven knock-overs, or trench washouts over the course of a long project. This leads to better long term performance
  • Easy to Get it Right: Because it's easier to install ERTEC's products, failures are less likely, leading to better long-term sediment control performance.
  • Water flows thru and spreads out: Traditional BMPs create a barrier to flow and work by ponding water. Head pressure from ponded water can cause washouts and overtopping. ERTEC allows flow-thru, minimizing these affects.
  • Test Results: Independent lab tests show excellent sediment control performance.
Achieve better than ZERO Waste:

These products eliminate the BMP load on landfills because the are:
  • Recycled: Made from recycled materials
  • Reusable: Reusable on multiple phases. Multiple uses are common.
  • Recyclable: Because they are made of HDPE (#2), they can be recycled at the end of life.



Vertical construction is a very demanding environment for BMPs. Perimeter Guard™ is durable and reusable mulitple times during the subdivision buildout.

S-Fence™ - Also used for perimeter protection, it provides very long term protection and can be used in areas where cross traffic is not a concern.

Edge Guard™ - Used around traffic islands, home lots after final grade, small drainage areas, perimeters with new sod, mulch and topsoil
ERTEC Drain Inlet Protection - a better alternative to drain inserts, wattles and other solutions that block flow
  • Lower Total Costs: are significantly lower, because grates do not need to be removed.  Installation speed is 8x faster.  Inspection, cleaning and removal are also done with little labor cost.
  • Performance: Better sediment control. Everything is kept above ground, inspection and cleaning is done more often.
  • Zero Waste: Highly reusable and recyclable.
  • Installer Safety: Because there are no grates to remove, there are no claims for hand, foot and back injuries.
  • Road Safety: ERTEC balances the tradeoff between allowing water to flow off the street and sediment control. Each of the devices incorporate high-flow bypass. Periodic cleaning is required.

Combo Guard

GR8 Guard

Drop Guard

Curb Inlet Guard
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