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Gully Guard™ Check-Dam for Stabilizing Gullies

Gully Guard is a patented high performance and cost effective check-dam for gully erosion control, stabilization and restoration.  A very effective, low cost method to achieve the three goals of gully stabilization: stop downward cutting, stop head-cutting, and re-establish vegetation. Gully Guard is water permeable, captures and retains sediment and significantly reduces down-gully erosion. With the integrated filter, it retains soil particles in place, creating a barrier to further erosion. GSS is made from durable and UV stable HDPE. Any number or size of modules can be joined together to form a structure that adapts to any requirement.
Product Benefits
  • Fast installation
  • Lower cost vs. other alternatives
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Ideal for remote areas
  • Adapts to any configuration
  • Long life, UV stable
  • Minimal job mobilization – low skilled labor
  • Minimize or eliminate requirement for heavy equipment


  • Gully Stabilization
  • Remote area channel stabilization
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