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Combination Curb and Grate

Combo Guard™ (CG) is a high performance, cost effective system designed to reduce sediment and debris flow into curb & grate combination inlets during construction. Installed above ground, it significantly improves worker safety, sediment control, ease of maintenance and monitoring.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

ERTEC recommends installation with partially filled gravel bags (1/3 to 1/2 full) positioned on each side of Combo Guard. In addition to anchoring Combo Guard, gravel bags help to slow and pool water which in turns helps to deposit additional sediment prior to reaching the filter. When traffic proximity does not allow for gravel bags in the gutter pan, rebar tie-wire, cable ties (18” to 24”), anchors or masonry nails can be utilized to anchor.

Combo Guards can be installed side-by-side for long grates.

Combo Guard can be installed with GR8 Guards to cover large grates that extend further away from the curb.

Drainage Inlet Protection needs to be cleaned periodically, expecially after heavy storms to clear debris, sediment and other organic matter to prepare for following storms and to prevent backup.

Clean-up is above ground.  Easy to see by inspectors, contractors, and clean-up crew.  Only minutes are required to clean and reset for next storm.  It is not necessary to remove grates.

Before and After – These pictures were taken on a County of Sacramento project at HWY 50 and Watt Avenue Interchange.  The before picture shows the effectiveness of Combo Guard at catching sediment, debris and other organic matter.  Clean-up took a crew of two 5 minutes (time between pictures).  Clean-up should have been performed a bit sooner, as buildup of debris and sediment has nearly blocked the bypass  flow-paths in both the vertical and horizontal sections.

If traffic proximity is a problem for gravel bags, Combo Guard can be attached to the grate with rebar tie-wire (16 gauge), or black zip ties (18 to 24″).  Make sure vertical section presses against the curb face snugly.

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