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Curb Opening – No Grate

Curb Inlet Guard™ (CIG) is a high performance, low cost system which stops debris and reduces sedimentation into curb drain inlets.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

100% Sediment Rentention would require stopping the flow for a long period to allow particles to settle.  This is incompatible with liability concerns of municipalities and DOTs.

Curb Inlet Guard allows flow bypass during heavy flow.  The filter rises only 2 inches.  Leaving the upper portion for high flow bypass.

While stormwater is retained by the filter which rises 2 inches, heavier sediment particles have time to settle.  A 2″ filter height was determined as the optimum balance during extensive testing with Texas DOT under many scenarios.

One size fits all.  Curb Inlet Guard segments can be overlapped for long openings as shown above.  The overlaps can be secured with zip ties or partially filled gravel bags.  If gravel bags are a problem with local traffic, Curb Inlet Guards can be secured with concrete anchors.  The vertical pins can be adjusted upward to lean agains the curb lip, for taller curb openings.

ERTEC Hydrocarbon Protection System for Curb Inlet Guard provides hydrocarbon absorption capabilities for low or initial flow conditions during construction projects with new asphalt or industrial applications.

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