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Field Inlets – Softscape

Drop Guard™ is a high performance, cost effective system designed to reduce sedimentation and debris flow into field drop inlets during construction. One size fits all.  7′ panels are trenched-in 4 inches deep around the perimeter of the inlet and held together with wood stakes.  Drop Guard significantly improves worker safety (no grates to remove), sediment control, ease of maintenance and monitoring.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

Drop Guard is available in 7 foot panels.  A 4 inch trench must be dug around the concrete apron.  The panels are set in the trench, wrapped around the inlet and overlapped with additional panels as required.  Wood stakes are set at each overlap.  The panels can be secured to the stake with 16 gauge rebar tie-wire or 1″ dry-wall screws.  Additional stakes can be installed along the sides if additional reinforcement is required.

Drop Guard

Drop Guard is highly durable and reusable.  It continues to peform on a long multi-year or multi-phase project and can be moved from project to project.

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