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Slot or Trench Drains

Slot Guard™ is a patented, high performance, and cost effective system designed to reduce sediment and debris flow into slot or trench drains during construction. Installed above ground, it significantly improves worker safety, sediment control, ease of maintenance, removal and monitoring.  Slot Guard is a better alternative to installing gravel or sand bags over slot/trench drains during construction.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

Slot Guard size ranges from 6″ to 20″  wide and is wide enough to fit most styles of slot or trench drains.  Install by laying on top of grate and attaching to grate with tie wire.  Tie wire is wrapped around the cross-bars in the drain opening and up through the Slot Guard.

A renovation project at a UPS© facility in Kentucky had nearly 500 linear feet of a trench drain across the shipping docks.  The contractor installed Slot Guard™ 84×12 to protect the 12” wide trench drain.

Slot Guard

Long drains on the AZ DOT Connect 202 Project were successfully  protected with 6″ Slot Guard.

Route 395 Near Bishop, CA

Slot Guard is designed to allow flow while protecting drains from sediment and debris.

Slot Guard can be installed with GR8 Guards or Combo Guards to cover grates and catch basis which are sometimes built in proximity to the slot drains.  Slot Guards can be overlapped end-to-end and made continuous to protect long drains.  Drainage Inlet Protection needs to be cleaned periodically, expecially after heavy storms to clear debris, sediment and other organic matter to prepare for following storms and to prevent backup.

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