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Alternative to Silt Fence

ERTEC S-Fence™ is a more effective and lower total cost alternative to traditional silt fence. S-Fence is installed around job site perimeters or at the base of slopes to contain and control sediment during storm events. S-Fence is available in three sizes: 10” for the greatest majority of requirements and 14” and 20″ for low areas or areas of concentrated flow.  8″ is also available for flat home building lots.

The integrated filter is extruded and controlled to precise dimensions. Aperture, percent-open-area and thickness of the filter fabric are key components of sediment control performance. The outer jacket is made from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which has outstanding outdoor durability characterstics. S-Fence performs for many years for long projects or can be reused. It is much easier to install and remove than silt fence. It requires very little maintenance because wind driven knockdowns and storm driven washouts rarely occur.

S-Fence works differently than silt fence. It allows water to flow through, slows and spreads. Head pressure from ponded water causes havoc with silt fence installations. Not so with S-Fence. With its flow-through characteristics, S-Fence does not need to be as tall as silt fence.

S-Fence 10″ is most often approved as a direct alternative to traditional height silt fence. S-Fence will not degrade over time and will continue to perform at the same level for years.  Sediment build-up is easily moved away without damaging S-Fence so that it can be made ready for the next storm.

Because S-Fence allows water to flow-through, it only needs to be trenched 3 to 4″ straight down.  No 6×6″ J-hook required below ground like silt fence.  Stakes are placed on 6.67′ centers.  The 7′ panels are overlapped about 3″ at a 1″x2″x18″ wood stake and secured to the stake with 1 1/2″ dry wall screws.  Installation is rapid.  A two person crew can install over 2000′ in a day.

S-Fence can be installed next to a site perimeter fence and tied-off with zip-ties or wire.  No stakes.

S-Fence sandwiches a high performance filter between two layers of rugged HDPE.

S-Fence works differently, so it does not need to be as tall as traditional silt fence.

S-Fence is not affected by snow load.  When winter is over, S-Fence remains in place ready to filter run-off and protect your site during spring rains.  Maintenance from wind and snow knock-downs or washouts is minimal.

S-Fence is durable.  It will stay in place with minimal maintenance for long projects.  It is very fast to remove with minimal ground disturbance and reusable.

Hough Mine Reclamation Project, Colorado.  S-Fence is used in the background for bottom of slope sediment control and in the foreground for channel protection.

S-Fence-R has reflective strips for night-time visibility.

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