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Alternative to Wattles or Compost Socks

ERTEC ProWattle can be used in perimeter control applications where straw wattles or compost socks are required for temporary protection.  ProWattle can also be used in “permanent installations,” where wattles or compost socks might be left to rot, because it is economically advantageous to remove and reuse ProWattle after vegetation has been restored.  ProWattle allows water flow-through, reduces water velocity while providing particle filtering. Unlike wattles or compost socks, ERTEC continues to operate as if it was day one.  It does not slump, or decay from weather or UV.  Installation is very fast – and ProWattle is quickly and easily removed and reused.  ProWattle can also be used for slope stabilization and for low flow channel and swale stabilization.

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There are large logistics and productivity advantages. The left picture shows a filled pickup with about 300 LF of wattle. The picture on the right shows a pickup with 3,500 LF of ProWattle. A 10 to 12x advantage.

It takes 3 people to move 100 feet of wattles. One person to move 280 LF of ProWattle. A nearly 9x advantage. These logistics advantages translate to a 2.5x productivity advantage.

About 70% of wattles are used in temporary applications.  When removed they are typcially transported to landfill.  On the right, about 1,500 LF of ProWattle is being readied for reuse.  If not able to reuse, it can be recycled for cash.

2,800 LF of ProWattle in a container.  The carbon footprint of ProWattle is 1/10th that of wattles.

This doesn’t happen with ProWattle.

Golf Course – Perimeter Protection

Commercial Project – Office Building – Perimeter Protection

DOT Landscaping Project – Perimeter Protection – HWY 15 San Diego

DOT Landcaping Project – HWY 15 San Diego

Vineyard Mgmt – Perimeter Protection.  This accumulated sediment should be cleared  so ProWattle will be ready for next storm.

ProWattle is also very effective and economically advantageous for slope protection.

ERTEC ProWattle is supplied in 7 foot segments which interconnect. Each segment is anchored with two 6” nails. Backfill the flap from one to two inches so that the horizontal flap cannot be seeen.  If necessary, wood stakes (1″x1″x18″) are installed on the downstream side of the vertical.  Production rates are typically 2.5x as fast as wattles or compost socks.  Based on independent lab results, ERTEC technology provides superior long term (multi-storm, multi-year) sediment control properties among passive sediment control devices.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

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