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Hard Surfaces

Hard Surface Guard™ seals to hard surfaces and provides sediment, particulate and debris control around construction sites or industrial facilities. It is designed to flex back and forth in limited traffic environments and can be reshaped after deformation. The system can be anchored with masonry nails, liquid cement or gravel bags and easily removed. The system is highly durable and/or highly reusable. Underflow is controlled by a long lasting geotextile gasket. The system allows water flow-through and significantly reduces velocity while at the same time provides particle and debris filtering. It is made from durable and recyclable HDPE.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

Hard Surface Guard is used to control sediment movement offsite or into drain inlets from hard surfaces.

It has a gasket attached under the horizontal member to prevent or filter underflows and also has an integrated filter.

Segments are inserted into each other (male-female connection) for continuous protection.

The horizontal flap can be cut with a utility knife to allow bends.

There are several ways to attach to the ground:  bonding agents, masonry nails (above), gravel bags, concrete anchors, etc.

Attachment with a powder actuated nail gun is fast.  Use 1.5″ nails with 1″ washers, spaced about 2′ apart, for good holding power

This is a commercial construction site (Long Beach, CA).  Hard Surface Guard was installed around the site perimeter with excellent results.

This is a shopping mall restoration project.  Hard Surface Guard was used to keep the stockpiles in their place.

A DOT wash rack for washing street sweepers.  Hard Surface Guard prevented sediment and grime from reaching inlets.

Hard Surface Guard can also be used to reduce total solids from entering grated inlets on hard surfaces as shown here.

Product Resources

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