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Small Areas and Mulch Control

Edge Guard™ is installed in a slot between the soil and concrete around perimeters of areas to be landscaped. Edge Guard protects top soil before and after sod or other plants take root. The product is easily installed and can be reused many times.

Product Technical Details and Other Resources

Edge Guard fits between the soil and the concrete.  It can be inserted to control soil movement during landscaping.  Until the roots are established, sod continues to shed sediment during rainstorms.  Edge Guard can be used to keep soil in place during sod establishment and can be removed without disturbing landscaping.

This is a Wal-Mart property in Arizona where soil from the nursury was washing into the adjoining pourous pavement.  Edge Guard was successfully used in a permanent application as a filter barrier to prevent the movement of soil particles onto the pourous pavement.

Here, Edge Guard is used in front of a home building lot.

Edge Guard can be used to protect traffic islands. and can remain throughout the landscaping phase.  It is very quickly installed and removed.

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