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Slope Erosion Control

ProWattle is a high performing and low cost alternative to fiber rolls (wattles) used to protect slopes from erosion and perimeters from sediment movement during construction. On slopes it is typically installed in combination with a spray-on soil stabilizer. Unlike other solutions, ProWattle tends to spread, not concentrate flow. Undercutting is minimal. ProWattle is significantly less labor intensive to install (2.5 times less labor) and can quickly be removed and reused. Because it packs nearly 10 to 12 times as dense as wattles, it provides dramatic logistical cost savings and worker safety benefits. Made from 91% Post Consumer Recycled Content, Reusable, Recyclable at end of life.

ProWattle allows flow and is particularly good at slope interruption. It spreads flow over long distances, reducing water velocity and erosive energy before it passes thru and heads down-slope.

ProWattle packs 10 to 12 times as dense as wattles or compost socks. More than 3,500 feet can fit in the back of a pick-up. The labor required to stage, transport, move and install ProWattle is significantly reduced as compared to fiber rolls (wattles) or compost socks.

ERTEC ProWattle™ is supplied in 7 foot segments which interconnect. Each segment is anchored with two 6” nails and supported by 1”x1”x12” stakes placed on 5 foot centers. ProWattle™ resists rill propagation because it minimizes undercutting and spreads flow, minimizing water velocity. Installation requires less trenching, fewer and smaller stakes. It is easier to carry and spread out on a slope and is safer for installers.


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