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Clark Construction Deploys Hard Surface Guard

Case Study:  Clark Construction deploys Hard Surface Guard at the Long Beach Courthouse construction project.

Hard Surface Guard:

  • Is a BMP designed to seal to hard surfaces to keep debris, soil or other particulates from moving off-site.
  • Allows water flow-thru and significantly reduces water velocity while providing particle and debris filtering 
  • Is made from durable and recyclable HDPE

The Challenge: 

  • Clark Construction initially installed fiber rolls around the construction perimeter in an attempt to keep sediment and debris from flowing off the site during rain storms.  This didn’t work.  It’s common for water to flow underneath wattles on hard surfaces.  Not only did fiber rolls need frequent maintenance, they cannot adequately seal to the asphalt surface.

The Solution and Results:

  • Hard Surface Guard was anchored with masonry nails, and set up against the Site Perimeter Fence.
  • Solids in rainwater run-off to the street and eventually to the storm drain were significantly reduced.
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