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Industrial Operations – Buildings & Grounds

ERTEC's BMPs Will Perform Better, Last for Years, Cut Your Costs and Your Hassles.

Hard Surface Guard™, S-Fence™ and ProWattle™ are ideal for Industrial Operation’s Buildings & Grounds as a better alternative to traditional devices such as silt fence, straw wattles and compost socks.  Their advantages are significant.  These products dramatically reduce logistics, installation and maintenance costs.  They are fast to install and unlike straw wattles, silt fence and compost socks, they spread rather than concentrate flow.  S-Fence is designed to replace traditional silt fence.  ProWattle replaces wattles and compost socks, but can also be used in place of silt fence in flat areas.  ProWattle is installed in soil to protect perimeters, slopes and swales from erosion and sediment loss. Hard Surface Guard is designed to be deployed on concrete or asphalt surfaces to filter surface-flow before flowing into drain inlets.  Top Guard™ is a simple, durable and cost-effective line of filter systems that protect most types of drainage inlets.  These products are highly durable will last many years offering better performance and a rapid return on investment.

Hard Surface Guard™ installed on asphalt at the edge of a DOT maintenance yard, applied as linear protection and also folded around a drain as inlet protection.  A sensitive creek lies just beyond the chain link fence.

Hard Surface Guard™ 10″ installed around the perimeter of a Manufacturing Plant’s Building and Grounds.  Hard Surface Guard replaced straw wattles which were being replaced once or twice per year.  Return on Investment for the substitution was one year or less.

Stormwater flows from the building roofs down through the downspouts into the space between the buildings. Hard Surface Guard™ folded and arranged in a chevron to collect sediment in the high flow channel.

S-Fence™ installed in soil around the perimeter of the site to keep sediment from flowing off-site.  S-Fence has very long functional longevity, lasting years with minimal maintenance.  Typically, traditional silt fence cannot be trusted to perform after 6 to 9 months of service.  S-Fence can be reused or recycled.  Silt fence goes to landfill.

ProWattle™ can be used for long term protection of stabilized slopes where ever there is a bare slope within Industrial Buildings & Grounds.

ERTEC Top Guard™ – Drain Inlet Protection – a better alternative to drain inserts, wattles and other solutions that block flow

  • Lower Total Costs: are significantly lower, because grates do not need to be removed.  Installation speed is 8x faster.  Inspection, cleaning and removal are also done with little labor costs
  • Performance: Better sediment control.  Everything is kept above ground, inspection and cleaning is done more often.
  • Zero Waste: Highly reusable and recyclable
  • Installer Safety:  Because there are no grates to remove, there are reduced claims for hand, foot and back injuries
  • Road Safety:  ERTEC balances the tradeoff between allowing water to flow off the street and sediment control.  Each of the devices incorporate high-flow bypass.  Periodic cleaning is required to keep the units functional.


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