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Industrial Operations – Mining and Oil and Gas

ERTEC's BMPs Will Perform Better, Cut Your Costs and Your Hassles.

S-Fence™ and ProWattle™ are ideal for Mining and Oil & Gas Operations as a replacement for traditional devices such as silt fence, wattles and compost socks. Their advantages are significant. They are highly durable and can be reused multiple times over multiple seasons through high winds and deep snow.  Pro-Wattle™ is designed to protect slopes, swales & perimeters from erosion and dramatically reduces logistics, installation and maintenance costs.  S-Fence is designed to replace traditional silt fence.  It works differently so it does not need to be as tall.  ProWattle is designed to replace wattles and compost socks but can also be used in place of silt fence in flat areas.  Both ProWattle™ and S-Fence™ are fast to install and unlike straw wattles, silt fence and compost socks, they spread rather than concentrate flow.  National Association of State Land Reclamationists (NASLR) newsletter featuring Innovation:  ERTEC S-Fence.

Photo taken during installation S-Fence

Same material – 3 years later

Before and after:  three seasons in the White River National Forest – Hope Mine Site (Abondoned Mine Site).  The project is at 8,000 feet and has endured 300 inches of snow each winter.  S-Fence was installed.  It does not decay, blow down, undermine easily, or crush/collapse from snow-pack.

Colorado Dept of Mining, Safety & Reclamation (DRMS)  – 1 year after installation S-Fence

Idarado Mine, CO – Newmont Mining Corp. 3 yrs after installation.  No maintenance.

Ditch Guard™ – Arch Coal, Colorado

XTO Energy – Arkansas

Ditch Guard™ – Acts as a check-dam to slow the flow in channels.  Has a downstream apron to dissipate energy as stormwater flows over the top.  Very easy to carry and install in remote locations.  These pictures were taken along a haul road at Arch Coal in Colorado.

Before:  XTO Energy – Heber Springs, AR ProWattle

After:  XTO Energy – Heber Springs, AR ProWattle is ready for removal and redeployment

ProWattle™ – allows water flow-through, reduces water velocity and provides particle filtering. A better alternative to wattles or fiber rolls. Can be used wherever wattles or compost sox are specified.   There are huge logistics advantages.  Reusable.

Colowyo Mine – Haul Road Construction S-Fence 20™ and ProWattle™ chosen for their functional longevity and high performance

Colowyo Mine – 8 miles of S-Fence and ProWattle used to stop sediment from moving off-site


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