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Vineyard and Agricultural

ERTEC's BMPs Are a Better Fit with Your Operations.

Better For:

Lower Total Costs

  • Big logistics advantage:  10 to 12 times as much footage can fit in the same space as straw wattles
  • Reusable for many seasons
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Reduced maintenance:  durable and unlikely to collapse or washout during storms

Crew Safety:

  • Reduced claims for back injuries

Sustainable Operations:

  • Zero Waste
  • Lower carbon footprint


  • Better sediment control
  • Better soil conservation

ProWattle – used for slope stability, it interrupts and spreads stormwater flow to reduce erosive energy providing better sediment control and soil conservation

ProWattle – Also used for perimeter protection, it provides excellent sediment retention and can withstand periodic impacts from equipment.

Edge Guard – Installed around drains it reduces turbidity of water leaving vineyard, and substantially reduces labor required to clean leaves from sump

Ditch Guard – Acts as a check-dam to slow the flow in channels.  Has a downstream apron to dissipate energy as it flows over the top.

ProWattle – acts as a check-dam in low flow channels and swales to slow the flow and drop-out sediment prior to reaching sensitive water bodies.


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