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Slot Guard™


Slot Guard is a patent pending, low cost system designed to keep sediment and debris out of slot drain or trench drain inlets in paved areas. Slot Guard is a better alternative to installing gravel bags on open slots during construction.  The berm layer forces water to rise to at least one inch before reaching the filter, causing heavier particles to settle.  The system filters storm water above the ground easing visual inspection and maintenance. The system has a high flow bypass designed to reduce the chance of back ups. It is easy to fasten to the grate with zip ties, has a long life, is resistant to traffic, fast and easy to remove, and reusable.

Slot Guard

Product Benefits

Lower Life Cycle Costs (up to 50% savings)

  • Above ground installation
    • Better for Inspection and Monitoring
    • Easy Maintenance and Removal
  • Lasts entire project, UV stable

Better Performance

  • Effective Particle Filtration
  • High Flow Bypass – Safety First

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